GATECRASH runs workshops and presentations about:


Past workshops & presentations:

Jazz – Gaining New Ground at EARS Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions, Mumbai – Dec 07, 2017

Touring in India, one day training at ATLA Music School and CIFAP, Paris – May / June / Sept 2017

The Sweet Spot- Boutique Festivals, panel discussion at THE EXCHANGE, Mumbai – March 28, 2017

Export, how it works, new markets and upcoming perspectives, panel discussion at VISA FOR MUSIC, Rabat – Nov 19, 2016

Introduction to the music scene in India, conference at WOMEX, Budapest – Oct 22, 2015

The growing “independent” music scene in India, conference at MaMA Festival, Paris – Oct 16, 2015

Music Managers Forum Discussion, workshop at MOSHITO Music Conference, Johannesburg – Sept 11, 2015

Music Management, two-days workshop for LIVESQUARE, Dhaka, Bangladesh – Sept 4-5, 2015

Le soft power indien à l’heure de la mondialisation, conference organized by Dauphine University, Paris – June 23, 2015

Artists developers, conference at IOMMA (Indian Ocean Music Market), Reunion Island – May 2015

L’Inde, scène musicale émergente, Ecole ATLA, Paris – May 18, 2015


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