What is Amplify Music Incubator (AMI)?

Amplify Music Incubator is an artist development program that helps upcoming artists from across different genres develop their businesses, enhance their creativity & build solid networks in the industry via comprehensive training & thorough interactions.

This is a hybrid program that focuses on the musicians - artistic vision, entrepreneurial side as well as personal development.

It enables the musician to develop holistically and build long-term sustainable careers in the music industry.

Why are we doing this?

The program is addressing a lack of support & infrastructure for independent artists which they can tap into so that they can further develop their projects.

We truly believe that Indian independent artists have the potential to reach larger audiences in India & globally. And in today's DIY age where artists are their own label/managers/ PR agents and more, it is important that they have the right tools, the know-how, networks & access to support at their disposal so that they can accelerate their growth journey.

Tell me more...

This is a six-week, 180 hours professional development incubation period, which brings artists from all genres together. The program is being hosted online.

Since 2021 we have hosted 4 programs, enabled 42+ music projects (70 individual artists), engaged 100+ industry professionals from across the world, spent over 80+ hours mentoring artists and changed the way in which artists view & navigate the music industry.

Who is the program for?

Artists that have released an EP or an album, music videos & possibly toured/gigged around a bit - basically have done some work prior to joining the program and take their project seriously.


Who is conducting these workshops?

35 + industry experts from India, Canada, UK, and France host sessions & workshops from artists, artist managers, record producers, mix engineers, financial planners, marketing specialists, digital media strategists, record labels, streaming platforms, music publishers, entertainment lawyers, music supervisors, performing right organizations & touring professionals.


When is this happening?

We will be hosting 2 cohorts in 2023, each will be a 6-week program (5 weeks online & 1 week artist residency). For each cohort we will be on-boarding 12 / 15 music projects (solo, duo, bands etc).

  • Cohort #5: 26th June - 5th August 2023
  • Cohort #6: 14th August - 23rd September 2023


What's new for this cohort?

In 2023, we are bringing the 1 week Artist Residency back into the fold where artists who are a part of the program - in week 6 come together in a physical setting (preferably Goa). Here the artists get the opportunity for a week to attend workshops, collaborate, work, learn & unlearn together. The program is then concluded by a showcase gig.