Music Mulakatein (i.e. Music Meetings in Hindi) is a not-for-profit initiative supporting social change through music.

We believe that music is a powerful tool to inspire people and improve their lives, gather communities and encourage free thinking.

We wish to enable social change by providing live music to communities that don't have access to it. We also empower individuals through multiple training & development programs providing them with an opportunity to learn & grow personally as well as professionally.

Music Mulakatein's work in a nutshell:

  1. Music Mulakatein | Live (Free concerts for all)
  2. Music Mulakatein | Internship (Employability skills training program)
  3. Music Mulakatein | Fellowship (Entrepreneurial mentorship program)

Music Mulakatein in the media:


As a part of our ongoing effort to promote indie music within the country, we feel it is important to take live music to communities who don’t have direct access to it. We believe that music can act as a catalyst for change by providing joy, entertainment and "feel-good times" (community gathering, smiling, clapping hands, singing, dancing), but also inspiration and learning, breaking social boundaries and prejudices. We strongly believe that access to a live concert and "feel-good times" should be everyone's right, and could actually improve everyone's life, attitude and mental.

Looking through this lens we have developed Music Mulakatein Live - a series of free concerts & workshops conducted by artists in collaboration with NGO’s at various locations like slums, local community centers & government hospitals.

Since we began this initiative in September 2018, we have hosted 20+ concerts & workshops across Mumbai in different locations such as Govandi, Malad East, Joshweshari East, Darukhanna, Dharavi, Khar, Dadar, Parel etc.

Some prominent musicians who have featured in this series are: Ankur Tewari, Greg Ellis, Laxmi Bomb, Samantha Noella, Shubhangi Joshi, Sarathy Korwar, Vasundhara Vee, Electrophazz, The Great Harry Hillman, Neel Adhikari, Swinging Partout, Zoe Simpson and more.

Our past shows

A few pictures from our shows


Music Mulakatein - Internship is a training program where young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds get access to hands-on work experience with Gatecrash. The program enables individuals to develop a range of skills which will render them the propensity to become more employable.

The skills that the program cultivates are relevant in the modern work scenario, allowing the individual to use these skills across any job domain that they choose in the future.

The program spans across 3 months and individuals develop a range of skills such as, communication (verbal & non-verbal), team working, computer prophecy, social media, designing, organization, time-management, emotional intelligence, budgeting, phone photography & videography and overall a reflective & positive attitude to learning.

We also train individuals to organise our Music Mulakatein Live sessions so that they can learn the dynamics of organising concerts.

We will specifically make sure that women feel welcome to apply to this program. In 2018, we piloted this program where we trained young adult women from Kranti, an NGO providing a rehabilitation home for daughters of sex workers.


In our efforts to work with multiple NGOs we realised that there was untapped potential in the mind of young adults, all they needed was encouragement & mentorship that could help them reach their goals. This led us to develop the fellowship program which is a professional support system for social and creative entrepreneurs from underprivileged background.

The main aim of the fellowship program is to provide ongoing mentorship and support to young adults who want to build a sustainable project/business that they are truly passionate about and believe in. The fellowship is a flexible program that provided individuals with:

  • Entrepreneurial mentorship
  • Specialised skills training
  • Marketing support
  • Access to Gatecrash's network
  • Opportunity to gain access to financial support